About CP Kathuria

A Brief Introduction to His Life

Born and brought up in the historic city of Karnal, Chander Parkash Kathuria  is a true patriot who has devoted his life to the betterment of Karnal and its people. From an early age, Chander Parkash Kathuria  has extensively worked in several areas for uplifting people from poor backgrounds and people that were socially exploited and harassed.

Chander Parkash Kathuria  himself has experienced many hardships in his life from exploitations to unjust expectations which led this fire inside him to do something for the people of his state.

Chander Parkash Kathuria  has helped thousands of people in their social realms by providing free education to orphans, arranging marriage ceremonies for girls from households below the poverty line, and making treatment available for diseases to countless poor people from his own pocket.

Furthermore, he also has a great affinity toward animals and has aided hundreds of cows to find cowsheds where they can be nourished. The amount of work that he has done for the people of his state makes Chander Parkash Kathuria  a true leader of our nation.


Chander Parkash Kathuria  is a leader who understands the sentiment of his people and wishes to empower them with all the means that can uplift the lifestyle of the people of his state.

His vision includes


Chander Prakash Kathuria has a passion towards working for the betterment of the people of his region. His mission involves deeply analysing the problems faced by the people and building effective strategies by incorporating with the Government that can lead to a better working of the society.

He aims at uplifting the status of living of people who have been ignored by the Governments and face regular hardships in life. By understanding the problems and the needs of his society, he wants to implement desired measures with a holistic approach that can help people live with joy, comfort, and prosperity.

The Reign of 2014 Elections and Ahead

Chander Prakash Kathuria has always been a leader of the masses and pushed many significant leaders of the society to join their party which can strengthen its core.

In the 2014 Parliamentary elections, he worked as an election in charge from the Karnal Legislative region and helped his party to win a landslide victory by 56 thousand votes and get a seat in both the legislative assembly as well as the parliament.

Chander Prakash Kathuria is a big-hearted man who in the 2014 legislative assembly elections left his seat in the Karnal region for the current Chief Minister of the State, Shri Manohar Lal Khattar, and continued working as a party worker in the election campaign. Chander Prakash has successfully conducted and managed several rallies for our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji.

Becoming the Chairperson of Sugarfed

Chander Parkash Kathuria  was appointed as the Chairman of Sugarfed on 13th Dec 2016. In the same financial year, with determination, hard work, and support of farmers and all Sugarfed officials, he managed to decrease the losses of the Government by over 400 crore Rupees.

During his rule as a chairperson, he listened to every little problem and demand of the farmers that were unfulfilled for the past 22 years and offered them the right solution by establishing two new sugar mills for the farmers of the state.