Political Achievements

Winning Elections in Congress Dominated Areas

In 2008, Chander Prakash was appointed BJP’s District President, and fulfilling his duties, he brought together representatives from various segments of the society to the legislative assembly to raise their issues. Mainly, people from Karnal Business Association, Financial Institutions, HSIDC Association, and common people were attached to the party.

The party worked with sheer passion to do great work for the society which led them to win elections in the rural areas of the Haryana Legislative Assembly. To be particular, Shiv Colony, Linepar Area Ramnagar which was considered the most promising area of the Congress party.

In 2009, Chander Prakash Kathuria was provided the ticket to run for Assembly elections but due to various negligent and infelicitous reasons, he could not win the election.

Hunger Strike for Restarting the Construction of Karnal Flyover

In 2013, he was working as a state minister and raising his voice for numerous vital issues for the people of Karnal. The main issue for which he came forward was the renewal of halted work for the development of the Karnal flyover which caused a plethora of accidents and was a huge inconvenience for the people of the city.

After the unfulfillment of the demands by the ruling Government party, Chander Prakash Kathuria along with the people of Karnal sat on a hunger strike and broke the strike only after the Government agreed and started the work of flyover development.

Establishment of Kalpana Chawla Medical College

Working as the opposition party, Chander Prakash Kathuria worked vigorously to establish a medical college for the people of the state and took full participation in the development phase of the Kalpana Chawla Medical College and several other developments.